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From the Arctic to the Himalayas, from New York to Shanghai, from Iserlohn to Ittoqqortoormiit – thanks to our global network we can basically film anytime, anywhere, at the drop of a hat. We operate in 126 countries requiring minimum travel, which makes us especially eco-friendly. Our cultural expertise and editorial expertise are unmatched.

Planned centrally,
produced globally

We produce moving image content for every purpose in corporate communications and sales promotion, from brief CEO messages to KOL statements to high-end promotional films. Headquartered in Berlin, our core team manages and supervises all stages of production for your company film – from the first drafts and production planning to shooting as well as post-production and final delivery.


We know what we’re doing when it comes to your company film. We coordinate closely with you at every stage of your video production and complete each step on time and to your full satisfaction.

  • Briefing and re-briefing as well as consultation on communication-critical aspects. Preparing for and participating in a kick-off meeting (as required)
  • Feasibility and cost/resources estimate
  • Advice on style and implementation options within the given timeframe
  • Suggestions for repurposing (e.g. social media, PR)
  • Calculation and offer presentation, incl. various options (technical, content-related, time-related)

  • Draft of initial outline, content & scene structure, client approval in max. 3 versions
  • Draft of voice-over/narrator texts, client approval in max. 3 versions (as required)
  • Draft of script and montage, incl. description of visual level with directions, shot list, mood boards/screenshots and pre-stop times
  • Outline of sound bites to be recorded: interview questions, key messages and alternative wording
  • Supplementary footage research of stock clips (as required)

  • Shooting sequence according to availability of participants, scenes and visual aspects
  • Team briefing incl. technical requirements
  • Car coordination, HSE standard compliance and Covid rules
  • Call sheet
  • Image rights granting and management
  • For remote recordings: technical briefing of participants
  • Clarification of deliveries
  • Editing scheduling
  • For series: preparation of production plan

  • Set-up & lighting
  • Make-up (as required)
  • Continuity & on-camera movements
  • Atmosphere & background sounds, primary sounds
  • Recording of sound bites, voice-overs & B-roll (cutaway shots)
  • Optional: Shooting of aerial shots with camera drone and/or tracking shots on dollies or sliders
  • Optional: Shooting with two or more cameras, TC synchronization
  • Standard equipment: DSLR or high-end cameras, gimbals, dollies, GoPro, sliders, jib arms, drones
  • Optional: Green screen shooting in studio or on-site with framing

  • Content upload & management, preparation for technical editing
  • Sound bite editing and client coordination (as required)
  • Layout & final dubbing, directing voice-overs
  • Dynamic editing with film techniques: slow motion, fast motion, speed ramps, transitions, alternating cuts, split screens, text animations.
  • Music editing
  • Color Grading
  • Sound design & mixing
  • Editing support & ongoing coordination with client
  • Language localization for text inserts, voice-over and film (as required)
  • For animated films:
  • Creation of illustrations and compositions
  • CAD file handling for 3D projects
  • Keyframe animation
  • Texturing and design detailing

  • Quality control & delivery
  • Archiving in in-house DAMS for use in future projects

White Papers

The production process involves recurring topics and processes that can feel overwhelming if you’re unfamiliar with making films. That’s why we put together executive summaries on some of these topics for you.

Special: Medical Technology and Life Science

Innovative strength made in Germany, the focus on people - this is what unites our customers from the medical technology and life science segment. They are active worldwide, they use our global network and appreciate our intercultural and medical-process expertise. Curious now?

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