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From Alaska to Tübingen, from Jena to Bangalore

Launch and product campaigns, internal and external training videos, trade fair films and award entries, KOL statements, patient portraits, direct to doctor (DTD) / direct to consumer (DTC) communication – the industry is increasingly relying on moving images, dynamically tapping into target groups via social media and relying on partner communication with users in research institutions and treatment centers. That’s why we specialized on video productions for Healthcare, Pharma & MedTech.





Our customers include well-known German companies from the top 10 in the industry, which operate globally and also communicate globally. In recent years, we have positioned ourselves as specialists for video production for Healthcare, Pharma & Medical Technology to meet precisely these needs and, unlike any other film production company in Germany, we can produce the diverse formats globally, depict them in an interculturally sensitive manner and, last but not least, offer precisely the consulting services that innovation-driven companies want.


Here are some film clips that show we’re close. We capture what really matters: Introducing and presenting innovations, the people behind the products and the users’ point of view. Authentic, high-quality, international.

FAQs about our video production for Healthcare, Pharma & MedTech


What qualifies mmpro for video production for Healthcare, Pharma & MedTech?

mmpro has been working in the field of film and video production with a focus on corporate communication for 25 years. With the largest global network of film teams, we realize climate-friendly productions on all continents with the highest level of editorial and intercultural expertise. Through our steadily growing collaboration with some of the world’s most renowned medtech companies, we have developed a great deal of expertise in the medical-technical field. Today, we deliver high-quality medical video productions to companies such as Carl ZEISS, Siemens Healthineers, B. Braun, Qiagen and Aeasculap. We are in direct contact with KOLs worldwide, filming in operating theaters, laboratories and research facilities. The formats of our video productions for Healthcare, Pharma & MedTech range from patient stories to KOL statements, thematic deep dives and feature films for hybrid events and training courses.

In which countries does mmpro offer video production for Healthcare, Pharma & Medical Technology?

In principle, we can produce our video production for Healthcare, Pharma & Medical Technology anywhere in the world at any time. Our network comprises almost 1,600 film teams in 126 countries worldwide. Our clients’ core markets are currently in Europe, North and South America and Asia. However, we have also realized productions in remote Arctic regions and regularly film in African countries. We produce in major cities, metropolitan areas but also in less densely populated areas and, last but not least, offshore. Complex approval procedures, difficult compliance requirements and safety regulations are part of our daily work.

What does video production for Healthcare, Pharma & MedTech cost at mmpro?

Since our foundation 25 years ago, we have relied on maintaining and collaborating with our global network of creative and professional film teams. This is not only climate-friendly, because there is no need for a complete team and the corresponding equipment to travel to the target country, it is also extremely budget-friendly. Last but not least, we can carry out several shoots in different countries at the same time and in parallel. Consulting, pre-production and post-production then take place at our headquarters in Berlin. In most countries around the world, we can offer individual days of filming for less than 5,000 euros. In addition, there are the usual market costs for consulting, conception, project management and post-production. By using modern remote tools, we can enable our customers to accompany film shoots without having to travel. This also saves a lot of time and money. We will provide you with a detailed cost estimate for your video production for Healthcare, Pharma & MedTech based on your briefing before preparing a quote.

How long does it take from the commissioning of a video production for Healthcare, Pharma & Medical Technology to the finished product?

This essentially depends on how well the customer has prepared and cooperated (in coordination and approval processes). We can implement simple video productions for Healthcare, Pharma & Medical Technology in 1-2 weeks with 1-2 weeks’ lead time. More complex tasks usually take 3-4 weeks. Our promise is that we will respond flexibly to any change of plan at any time. The destination country changes, no problem, there are shifts in the doctor’s surgery calendar, we make it possible. If patient models or translators are suddenly needed, we can organize it. For particularly time-critical projects, we can also put together a special task force at any time that works independently of time zones.

What references can mmpro provide in the field of video production for Healthcare, Pharma & MedTech?

Our portfolio includes film and video productions for Roche, Bayer, Merck, Carl ZEISS, Siemens Healthcare, Siemens Healthineers, Qiagen, B. Braun, Aeasculap, Belimed, BASF and others. Contact us and we will put together a showcase tailored to your requirements.

Does mmpro also take care of the conception for video production for Healthcare, Pharma & Medical Technology?

We are happy to be involved in the planning process for your campaign, event or other communication occasion. Our key accounts will advise you on content, technical and organizational matters of your video production for Healthcare, Pharma & Medical Technology. We then take over the conception and editorial development. Both for individual films and series formats or content that builds on one another. We also take on the conception and implementation of social media content derived from main films for you. We are also happy to work with your specialist departments or other communication service providers in your portfolio. We offer you the complete package, from the initial idea to the complete evaluation and documentation of the project. We also provide you with the supplies for your DAM system and all relevant data for your license management from a single source.

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