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From Alaska to Tübingen, from Jena to Bangalore

There is an increasing demand for moving images in the medical sector. For example, in the form of training videos or for product campaigns, but also for trade fair films, direct to doctor (DTD) / direct to consumer (DTC) communication as well as for patient portraits and KOL statements. However, there is a lack of providers who are able to adequately implement the sometimes complex requirements of the industry. To fill this gap, we specialized in medical video productions many years ago – and have been working with many major players in the industry ever since.





Our customers, including some well-known German companies from the top 10 in the industry like Carl ZEISS Meditec, Siemens Healthineers and B.Braun, operate internationally. Naturally, this also requires international communication. It is precisely these needs in the area of moving images that we meet like no other medical video production company in Germany. Not only because global medical video productions are part of our daily routine, but also because we have the know-how to present your messages in an interculturally sensitive way. We offer exactly the kind of consulting services that innovation-driven companies need.


Here are some film clips that show we’re close. We capture what really matters: Introducing and presenting innovations, the people behind the products and the users’ point of view. Authentic, high-quality, international.

FAQs about our medical video productions

What qualifies mmpro for medical video productions?

Our qualifications in the field of medical video production are based on three pillars. First of all, we have 25 years of experience in film and video production for corporate communications. In addition, during this long period we have worked with some of the most renowned companies in the medical sector, among others, and have thus built up comprehensive industry expertise. What’s more, we have access to a huge global network of film teams and can therefore offer climate-friendly medical video productions with the highest level of editorial and intercultural expertise.
It is no coincidence that companies such as Carl ZEISS, Siemens Healthineers, B. Braun, Qiagen and Aeasculap are already benefiting from our medical video productions. We produce patient stories, KOL statements as well as thematic in-depth and feature films for hybrid events and training courses in operating theaters, laboratories and research facilities worldwide.

In which countries does mmpro offer medical video productions?

We offer our medical video productions at every conceivable filming location worldwide. Anywhere at any time. You name it. Even if the main markets of our target group are currently in Asia, North America and Europe, we have already realized medical video productions in remote locations in the Arctic and also regularly in Africa.
This is daily business for us. On the one hand, because our network spans almost 1600 film teams in 126 countries. Secondly, because complex approval procedures, difficult compliance requirements and safety regulations are no longer a challenge for us.

What do medical video productions cost at mmpro?

As we have built up a huge, worldwide network of creative and professional film teams over the past 25 years, we can offer our medical video productions at comparatively low prices. This eliminates the costs of transporting the equipment and the crew’s travel – and we protect the climate. If desired, we can even realize parallel shoots in different countries. For you, this means that we can offer individual shooting days in most countries of the world for less than 5000 euros – plus the usual market costs for consulting, conception, project management and post-production. We can also save you the trip to the filming location with the help of modern remote tools. This not only saves you money, but also valuable time. And you can still accompany the film shoot.

For maximum transparency, you will receive a detailed cost estimate for your medical video production from us based on your briefing and before we prepare a quote.

How long does it take from the commissioning of a medical video production to the finished product?

How long it takes us to finalize your medical video production depends on how well you have prepared and how well you support us with coordination and approval processes, for example. Usually, simpler medical video productions can be realized within a maximum of 2 weeks with a lead time of 7 to 14 days. For more complex medical video productions, we usually need 3-4 weeks. And if things need to be done particularly quickly, we always have the option of putting together a special task force that operates independently of time zones.

What we can promise you in any case is maximum flexibility. A change in the doctor’s surgery calendar? We adapt to it. Do you need translators or patient models spontaneously? We’ll take care of it. The destination country changes? No problem.

What references can mmpro provide in the field of medical video production?

We have created many medical video productions in recent years, including for well-known clients such as Roche, Bayer, Merck, Carl ZEISS, Siemens Healthcare, Siemens Healthineers, Qiagen, B. Braun, Aeasculap, Belimed and BASF. On request, we will be happy to create a showcase that meets your individual requirements profile.

Does mmpro also take care of the conception for medical video productions?

Of course, we do not limit ourselves to the mere filming of a medical video production. We take a full-service approach. This means that we are at your side from the initial idea to the complete evaluation and documentation of the medical video production. We are happy to support you right from the planning process of your project – regardless of whether it is an event, a specific campaign or another communication channel. Our key accounts are trained to support you in terms of content, technology and organization. We are also happy to take on the conception and editorial development of your medical video production. For individual films, series formats or moving image content that builds on one another.

And that’s not all: we are also happy to work together with your specialist departments or other communication service providers from your network. We create social media content that is derived from the main films. And: We provide you with everything you need for your DAM system and all the data you need for your license management.

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