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Video and Content ProductionAround the world with our global network

From the Arctic to the Himalayas, from New York to Shanghai, from Iserlohn to Ittoqqortoormiit – thanks to our global network we can basically film anytime, anywhere, at the drop of a hat. We operate in 126 countries requiring minimum travel, which makes us especially eco-friendly. Our cultural expertise and editorial expertise are unmatched.

Planned centrally,
produced globally

We produce content for every purpose in corporate communications and sales promotion, from brief CEO messages to KOL statements to high-end promotional films. Headquartered in Berlin, our core team manages and supervises all stages of production for your company film – from the first drafts and production planning to shooting as well as post-production and final delivery.

Indus tries/ To pics

We believe that global challenges require new and innovative solutions and perspectives. We work with companies and institutions that share this spirit and have made it their mission. Our mission is to produce contemporary communication materials that are convincing in terms of content and visuals – or simply: content that is relevant.

Good questions, quick answers.

Production companies for video, film and content are a dime a dozen. You're probably wondering why you should switch and work with us. Here are a few quick answers to the first questions.

  • We produce content for you worldwide. Films, images, sound bites, statements. We can produce anywhere in the world, with short lead times, in top quality - in terms of content and technical expertise. We manage teams worldwide from Berlin, we can produce in parallel at different locations. This makes us exceptionally efficient and extremely climate-friendly.

  • In short: everywhere. In all conurbations around the world, on flat land, at the North Pole, in the desert and offshore. In operating rooms, laboratories, production lines and research facilities. Our network includes highly qualified cameramen and editorial staff for every corner of the world.

  • We produce centrally with local teams in the regions. This keeps travel to a minimum and the carbon footprint of our productions is significantly lower than that of conventional film productions.

  • Give us a challenge! Normally our lead times are 2-3 weeks, but we can do it in 24-36 hours if necessary.

  • Because we believe that our world is facing massive challenges that can only be solved with real innovation. Innovations ensure health, safety, prosperity and participation.

  • A pure shooting day in Southeast Asia with a three-man team consisting of camera, sound and editorial support with standard technology is available from approx. 6,000 euros. Consulting, preparation, and post-production are calculated individually according to the desired output.

Special: Medical Technology und Life Science

Innovative strength made in Germany, the focus on people - this is what unites our customers from the medical technology and life science segment. They are active worldwide, they use our global network and appreciate our intercultural and medical-process expertise. Curious now?

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