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In 2021, we will consume 100 minutes of video per day (Zenith Study). To ensure your videos are viewed by the right target audience, you need a long-term social media video strategy, which must be integrated into your overall marketing strategy and in line with your HR and corporate targets. To this end, we create an effective social video strategy using a detailed analysis of your target audience and persona definition, and derive SMART goals with measurable video KPIs for each social media channel from your corporate targets. Then, we create an individual video strategy for each social media channel, taking into account the current trends, relevant formats and the algorithm of each social media platform.
Social Media Video Strategy
Social Media Video Strategy

Facebook video marketing strategy

Facebook is making vertical videos the fundamental format of its platform, as the constant development of the Facebook Creator Studio and Spark AR Studio show. Responsive videos in vertical format are essential for your Facebook video strategy because, according to a 2016 GfK study, they increase your target audience’s intention to buy and increase the return on investment (ROI).
Especially for the growing target market of Generation Z, for whom the offline and online worlds are one and the same, vertical AR (augmented reality) videos and VR (virtual reality) videos are perfect to enable them to actively participate in a campaign. They themselves become part of an augmented reality and are no longer silent observers, but participating viewers of your video campaign. In your Facebook video strategy, we identify the relevant video formats for greater reach and viewer retention and develop video campaigns that activate the target audience and create higher engagement.

YouTube Video Marketing Strategy

On the world’s largest video search engine, strategies with frequently searched for videos are the most successful. Long tail video content performs in the long term and is extremely worthwhile when it comes to reaching your target audience. It allows you to increase the traffic to your website and your visibility in Google (source: SocialMediaToday, The State of Video Marketing 2019–2020 [infographic]). Investing in YouTube videos increases your chances of appearing on the first page of a Google search 53-fold (source: KopfundStift 2015). We find out what your target groups around the world are searching for on YouTube and what video content they want. We then design discoverable help content, serial hub content and exciting hero content as part of your international YouTube strategy.

Instagram Video Marketing

Instagram used to be a simple photo platform, yet today it has four channels within one app that build on video content: Instagram feed videos, Instagram Stories, IGTV and Instagram Live. IGTV videos in particular are a promising video format that can help you can gain new followers for free. In this attention-economy era, Instagram videos and stories are the most important format for users. Brands and companies can also benefit from them. Instagram videos pique interest in the brand and create trust within the customer journey. 39% of Instagram users in the USA showed more interest in a brand or product after having seen it in their Instagram Stories (source: Instagram Business).
Instagram users spend 28 minutes a day on Instagram, the majority of this time in Instagram Stories. Instagram has redefined traditional storytelling with this feature. Instagram Stories are not just short behind-the-scenes videos and brief insights into the everyday life of a user or company. If they are really well made, they are warched daily and shift the brand into the consumer’s relevant set. As part of your Instagram strategy, stories can be used as leverage for customer retention in all phases of the customer journey. This requires a good balance of entertainment and information. We identify the exciting approaches and interesting topics that make successful infotainment on Instagram. Based on this Instagram strategy, we produce videos and stories in advance so that you can gain the attention of your followers every day and become regular daily viewing for your community. Our efficient video and story production helps you consistently increase your visibility and reach on Instagram in the long term.

LinkedIn Video Marketing

This ongoing trend for video content has long since spilled over into LinkedIn. In 2017, the platform made a name for itself with its own story function, called “native video”. Today, native videos instigate five times more conversations than other content formats. This means that native videos attain triple the engagement of text-only posts (source: businessinsider). And compared to embedded videos, native videos have the advantage that they are played directly and thus attract more attention in the users’ LinkedIn feed. Video marketing is highly suitable for LinkedIn, particularly for B2B companies. LinkedIn videos create leads and increase turnover. According to the wyzowl video marketing study, 81% of companies surveyed were able to generate leads using videos (source: wyzowl, The State of Video Marketing 2019). We develop a LinkedIn video strategy for you and produce LinkedIn native videos for your LinkedIn business page.


Do you want to optimize your social media content? Are you looking for a creative, reliable partner?


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Do you want to optimize your social media content? Are you looking for a creative, reliable partner?


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